13 Picks That Will Make You Happy

September 23, 2009 by Zen  
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Choosing the right sports picks to bet on takes a lot of time and research. It’s similar to choosing the right companies to invest in, no matter what people on Wall Street tell you. Sometimes a wild guess can get lucky, but most of the time it boils down to the amount of research you’ve put into deciding whether or not a team can win or lose against the spread. But this article isn’t about any of these things. It’s not about how to choose the right teams, or how to bet on sports. It’s about how to invest in your life. It’s about 13 Picks that won’t just increase your bank account but serve to increase the very quality of your life. If you bet on these 13 Picks we guarantee your life will improve.

Pick #1
— Did you know you’re dehydrated when you wake up? This makes you feel groggy and want to continue laying in bed. What you want to do in the morning before doing anything else is to go to your washroom and drink at least one glass of water. This will help give you a much needed energy boost to start off your day. Experiment for yourself, it works better than coffee (which actually dehydrates you).

Pick#2 — After you drink your glass of water, lie down comfortably in your bed and start reliving any memory in your past that makes you happy. Try your best to relive all the details of the memory.

Pick #3 — Next, write down 10 things you’re grateful for in your life. If you’re grateful for the sun, write that down. Grateful for the moon write that down. Just make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for in your life.

Pick #4 — Sit down and eat breakfast. Notice that I didn’t say stand up and eat breakfast. Don’t rush out of the house just to get to work. Sit down and pay attention to how the food actually tastes. Pay attention to the fine details in the food. The aroma, the way you chew it, the way the food is prepared.

Pick #5 — If you have time, take a 30 minute walk. You can do this when you go for lunch at work, or preferably you can do it before you even get to work. Walking can also be considered a form of meditation.

Pick #6 — If you work in an office don’t just sit down and figure out ways to kill time. Every moment that passes is a moment from your life that you’ll never get back. Most people sit down and count down the hours until they get to go home. Focus on the work at hand and quiet your mind.Absorb yourself in the work you’re doing.

Pick #7 — Spend time with your family. Do you really need a reason for this?

Pick #8 — Take a good multivitamin daily and Fish Oil. Fish Oil will do wonders for your health, just google it if you don’t believe me.

Pick #9
— Spend time writing down your immediate goals and your long term goals, and then work in the PRESENT moment to achieve them. Figure out what steps you can take immediately to accomplish your goals, and then do them.

Pick #10
— Keep at least $1000 in an Emergency Savings Account. I know you probably hear this all the time, but seriously, you should have some money put away for emergencies. If you don’t have an emergency savings account but you have money in a sports book… well, you know what to do.

Pick #11 — Record your favorite programs or start watching them online. Don’t just mindlessly sit in front of the television set and channel flip.

Pick #12 — Get as much sleep as you actually need. Stop setting an alarm. Go to sleep as soon as you feel tired and when you wake up make sure you get out of bed and follow pick #1 . It might get you yelled at by your boss, so start this regimen when you’re on vacation or have some time off work.

Pick #13 — Place a sports bet.

There you have it.  13 picks that will help to improve the quality of your life. We can’t believe people are busy paying for all sorts of pills before trying out these 13 picks.

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