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August 21, 2009 by Zen  
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We’ve already told you that meditating every day will help to increase your winnings, but we haven’t really gotten into the specifics of how. Also, we realize that for many people, meditating can be seen as a chore with no real end purpose, or even worse, spiritual garbage. Therefore, we’ve written this article to help explain how meditation can increase your profits, and as a bonus we’re including our secret on how to get the most out of your meditation each and every time.

How Doing Nothing Makes You Money

In our current reality, doing nothing (or non-doing) is seen as a ridiculous waste of time. There’s money to be had, and sitting around watching your thoughts is seen as a perfect way to miss out on making it. We’re here to tell you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Your thoughts act as a lens through which you perceive reality. In this way, they guide and shape all your decisions and actions, and in turn, either make you money or make you lose money. Therefore, if you want to make a lot of money, learning how to control and alter your thoughts is of vital importance. This is where meditation comes into play. Meditation allows you to step out of your thoughts and watch them as an observer. It enables you to understand your thought processes and patterns of thinking. And it is only once you understand how you think, that you can begin to change what you think.

Right now, you probably don’t believe YOU have the ability to shape and alter the reality you live in. Looking back though, you’ve experienced times where you’d focus on a desire, and all of a sudden it would appear in your life. This used to happen to me all the time. I’d want to see a specific movie on television, and the next day, lo and behold, there it was. Like most people though, I relegated the appearance of these desires to chance. I didn’t yet realize that my thoughts had a direct correlation to the reality in which I lived.

Listen, I’m not asking you to believe that your entire reality is created by your thoughts. But you should know that your thoughts and beliefs play a prime role in shaping your reality. Realizing this allows you to see the value in meditating every day. Meditation will allow you to slowly destroy negative thought patterns and beliefs; beliefs which prevent you from making a lot of money.

Okay… so now that I’ve hyped up meditation, you’re probably scratching your head wondering how in the hell you do it. Here’s how:

The Lowdown on Meditation — The Easy Way
Meditation is all about letting your thoughts flow without trying to stop them. Sit down, focus on your breathing, and watch your thoughts just like you’d watch the clouds go by. It’s that easy. I like to compare it to standing on a busy street, just watching as people pass by. You don’t get attached to any one person, instead, you simply observe. After practicing meditation consistently, you’ll find that the street naturally gets less and less busy (so to speak). Now, if a specific thought persists allow your mind to flow with it.

Don’t worry, I hear your preemptive questions, “bbbbbuutt what about the secret to becoming a pro-meditator overnight?”. Well, luckily for you, we’ve found the magic recipe to becoming an adept meditator. Best of all, it’ll only take you approximately three weeks to become a pro (but you’ll have to immerse yourself in meditation during this time).

The Lowdown on Meditation — The Easier Way

Alright, so here’s our secret to entering deep levels of meditation relatively quickly. Are you ready for it?

To reach the deepest levels of meditation in a short period of time we use audio entrainment devices.  These audio products abound on the internet, and you can choose whichever one you like, so long as you consistently use it for at least three weeks. Personally, we use Hemisync, Holosync, and Immrama.

People might tell you this is cheating, that meditation requires a lot of effort and years of practice. This is bullshit. People who tell you this are scared of change, and they usually have their egos attached to meditation. To reach the deepest levels of meditation you have to be willing to try new methods and techniques until you find one that is right for you.  We’ve found that after using these audio programs for three weeks (in the morning and before going to sleep) we’ve been able to slow down and analyze our thoughts on a regular basis. This means we can now begin to change the thoughts we have to the ones we want to have. This will be the basis for our next article, but for now you should have an idea of what you have to start working on. Here’s what you have to do:

1.    Download or purchase an audio program that claims to help your meditation (we’ve found Hemisync, Holosync, and Immrama Insight are the best). Experiment for yourself until you’ve found one you’re comfortable with.
2.    Start using one of these audio programs both in the morning and before going to sleep. Mark down on a calendar when you began your practice.
3.    Be consistent in your practice for at least three weeks.
4.    Also, take note of how much money your bankroll has increased or decreased by in that three week period.
5.    After three weeks, write down the negative thoughts you most often have
6.    Write down the thoughts you’d like to replace them with

Then all you have to do is wait for our next article, and we’ll get started on changing those thought patterns.

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Thank you For Purchasing the Zen-Money System

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We want to thank you for purchasing our Zen-Money System.  The Zen-Money Method Handbook will be sent to your email address within the next 12 hours along with the password required to access the Zen-Money Picks in our Private Forum.  It is very important that before using our Zen-Money Picks, you read through the Zen-Money Handbook at least once.

Get ready to make a lot of money.




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