Sports Handicapping Your Way To Millions

October 11, 2009 by Zen  
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The belief that no one can make millions by sports handicapping is a myth. People have done it, and people will continue to do it all over the world. I’m not saying we’ve personally made millions (although we’ve certainly made enough to live off of), but that it’s very much possible to live a luxurious life from sports betting.
What is Sports Handicapping?
Very simply put, it’s figuring out the odds for a given sporting event. Average and below average sports handicappers are abundant in the sports betting world. But, exceptional sports handicappers are hard to come by. The difference between the two is that exceptional handicappers have a knack for predicting winners, while everyone else is just guessing. These handicappers usually either work as bookies, linesmakers in vegas, or expert handicappers who sell sports picks (like us, except we sell them for a lot cheaper than most). 
Why Should You Care About Sports Handicapping?
You should care about sports handicapping for one sole reason. There’s money to be made. There’s also money to be lost. But sports handicapping for you, could mean the difference between living the life of your dreams and living the life you currently have. Sure, working 9-5 pays the bills, but why work 8 hours a day for someone else, when you can work one hour a day and make just as much money.
How Do You Become a Sports Handicapper?
You have to learn how to read the ins and outs of sports. Create a notebook and try to pick consistent winners in sporting events for over 4 years. This is what we’ve done. Even though, we’ve had a year where we lost more bets than we won, every single year we’ve made money. How is this possible you ask? Well, sports handicapping isn’t only about picking more winners than losers. It’s also about knowing how much money to place on each bet so that even when you have bad streaks, you still come out in the green.
Do Sports Handicappers look at Statistics all day long?
Some do. It depends on the handicappers method for choosing winners. A lot of expert handicappers have developed systems that they use to figure out who to bet on. Some make large excel files, while others just rely on years of experience and instincts. But one method isn’t better than another unless it produces more money. Not only do we look at statistics, but we use meditation and other eastern philosophy ‘tactics’ that enable us to sharpen our instincts and come up with winners.
Should I do Handicapping myself or Subscribe to a Paid Service?
That all depends on which company you’re going to subscribe to, and what you expect to get out of sports handicapping. We’re of the philosophy that it’s better to teach a man to fish, than to fish for him. Which is why we recommend signing up for a subscription service AND making your own picks at the same time. This way, you’ll continue making money even while you’re learning to handicap for yourself. If you don’t really want to learn how to handicap sports that’s okay too, it’s not like we’re going to just give you one fish anyway…we hope to give you a lifetime supply.
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5 Secrets to the Best Sports Picks

October 9, 2009 by Zen  
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Coming up with the best sports picks is more of an art than a science. But there are ways that will ensure you always come up with solid plays. This doesn’t mean your picks will win, it just means you’ve done the necessary research to know that the odds are in your favor, and that you’ve outsmarted the local bookie or sports book. If you follow these five secrets, you should win more games than you lose.

1. Know Your Strengths

First, you want to look at all the match ups offered by your bookie or sports book for a given sport. Know your strengths; if you’re good at predicting outcomes for the NFL stick to betting on the NFL. Don’t assume that your strengths in one sport will carry over to another. A lot of beginning bettors make the mistake of betting on a variety of sports. For instance, they’ll bet on NFL games one day and Basketball Games the next. This is a rookie mistake, when you’re starting out, you want to focus on one sport alone, until you can reliably predict winners.

2. Read Between the Lines

Second, you want to make sure you’re not playing a whole bunch of different lines. Stick to betting on spreads, money lines, or over/unders. Stop yourself from betting on parlays or teasers. This is because parlays and teasers don’t have true payouts and the odds will simply stack up against you. When you’re starting out, and choosing your own picks, we recommend sticking with spread betting.

3. Look For the Most Value

You want to narrow your focus down to the most valuable lines. You should develop a system for coming up with your own lines. This way, you’ll have your own lines to compare with that of the bookies or sports book. Then when you see a line at the sports book that’s way off, you’ll know that it has the most value. Also, don’t place a bet simply because your favorite sports team is playing.

4. Make One Pick Per Day, Everyday

This is important. Limit yourself to one play a day. This way you’re only going to place a bet on the match up that shows the most value to you. Find one game that really stands out and place your bet. If you do this everyday, you’re eventually going to learn how to pick winners.

5. Look at the Stats

This ties in with secret #3. Before you decide to place a bet, make sure you look at the recent statistics. Don’t be fooled into looking at statistics from over a year ago. A lot of the time you can judge how well a team is playing by their ten most recent games. Make sure you look at the injury reports as well.

If you take these five secrets into consideration you should be well under way to choosing the best sports picks. We recommend doing this while you subscribe to our picks. Eventually you might even be able to come work for us as an expert handicapper.

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