How To Reprogram Yourself To Make Money (How Meditation Can Make You Money Cont’d)

September 2, 2009 by Zen  
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Hopefully you’ve read our how meditation can make you money article before starting to read this. The purpose of this article is to teach you how to change your negative thought patterns to positive ones, which in turn, will help make you money. Okay, so let’s get started.

By now, you should already have compiled a written list of the negative thought patterns  continuously looping in your head. Most people will have ten common negative thought patterns that play on repeat. Common ones are, “I’m too poor”, “I have too much debt”, “I was born with bad genes”, “I just don’t have it in me to make a lot of money”, “no one makes money gambling and sports-betting”… these are just some examples of the negative thought patterns we personally held. They prevented us from making the money we deserved. Keep reading to find out how we changed them.

Stop Feeding Negativity With Your Attention
To change your negative thought patterns you have to stop feeding them with your attention. Think of your attention as a fire that fuels your thoughts, it gives them life. Without your attention they DO NOT exist. But here’s the kicker, your attention will always be focused on something. You’ll have to wage war on your negative thoughts and go to extreme lengths for about thirty days before they stop creeping up. In theory, it seems relatively easy to stop giving negative thoughts your attention, but in practice it’s a little more difficult. You’re going to have to start focusing on positive or neutral thoughts to stop giving your attention to the negative ones.

Write Down Negative Thoughts
Start by carrying around a little notepad and a pen with you wherever you go. You’re going to look a little crazy for a while, but eventually even the thought of caring about what others think will be eliminated. Every time you catch yourself giving your attention to a negative thought (whether it’s an image in your head, a verbal message or a combination of both) you’re going to write it down in your notepad (including the thought “this will never work”). Then you’re going to start taking slow, deep, steady breaths, and count each breath until you reach the number twelve. After you do this, start remembering a time when you were laughing hysterically. Try to vividly picture and feel everything you were feeling at the time. Hear what you heard, see what you saw, and focus on that feeling of laughing hysterically. Keep the feeling with you, and move your attention away from the memory. Next, remember a time when you felt really loved (by anyone; your mother, your wife, your kids, etc…) Do the same thing as with the previous memory, feel what you felt, hear what you heard, and see what you saw. Keep your attention on the feeling and mix it with the previous feeling of laughing hysterically. Next, remember a time when you had sex and bring back the feeling of having an orgasm. Do the same thing you did with the other memories, and focus your attention on the feeling. Mix this feeling with the other two. By now, you should feel really, really good. Spread this feeling throughout your body, and focus intently on it. You’ll repeat this process for EVERY negative thought you write down in your notepad (you probably won’t catch every negative thought you focus on at first, but after about a week of doing this, less and less will show up).  Play around with this exercise; add memories of making a lot of money, or anything else that makes you feel good. You’re going to stick to this process for thirty days.

Use Affirmations
Go out and buy yourself a good microphone, or order one online. Buy yourself a good set of earphones or headphones that you can relax comfortably with. Download the free trial of neuroprogrammer. Use the theta and alpha binaural beats, and add affirmations in your own voice to the audio tracks (we’ll have a list of affirmations up real soon). Every morning you’re going to listen to the alpha track you’ve created, and every evening before sleeping you’re going to listen to the theta track. You should also be meditating everyday for at least fifteen minutes. In addition, it helps if you do your meditation before using the neuroprogrammer software.

Eliminate Negativity
Cut out anything with negativity from your life for at least thirty days. This is going to be especially difficult if you’re friends with or even live with someone who is full of negativity. If this is the case simply tell them that you’re not putting up with their negativity for thirty days, and direct them to this article. You’re  also going to be T.V. fasting for a thirty day period, meaning no T.V. at all. You’ll want to create a C.D. or mp3 Tracklist that is full of uplifting music (think Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, or something along those lines, NOT Lil Wayne).

Your Reality Board
Create what we like to call a Reality Board. This is basically just a collage of everything you want in your life. Get some magazines or print out pictures of stuff you really want, then put them all together on a board of some sort. Place the board somewhere you’ll see it as soon as you wake up, over your bed is a good idea.

Create a Bank Account
Finally, a little exercise that we found in Abraham Hicks’ book “Ask and it is Given” is to create a fake bank account and on the first day deposit $1000 and spend it. Each day you’re going to increase the amount of money you receive by $1000. So on the second day it would be $2000, the third day would be $3000, etc…  You have to make this exercise as real as possible, so sit down and write exactly what you’re going to spend the money on and how much each item will cost you. Make sure you spend all the money you get everyday. You should do this exercise for at least one year, and you should make it as creative as possible (meaning you don’t keep buying houses over and over again).

Reprogramming your mind for positivity isn’t meant to be easy, but if you follow these guidelines, your quality of life will increase exponentially in a one month period.  Go ahead and give it a try for one month. Make it your experiment and write down the results once you’re done.

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