5 Secrets to the Best Sports Picks

October 9, 2009 by Zen  
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Coming up with the best sports picks is more of an art than a science. But there are ways that will ensure you always come up with solid plays. This doesn’t mean your picks will win, it just means you’ve done the necessary research to know that the odds are in your favor, and that you’ve outsmarted the local bookie or sports book. If you follow these five secrets, you should win more games than you lose.

1. Know Your Strengths

First, you want to look at all the match ups offered by your bookie or sports book for a given sport. Know your strengths; if you’re good at predicting outcomes for the NFL stick to betting on the NFL. Don’t assume that your strengths in one sport will carry over to another. A lot of beginning bettors make the mistake of betting on a variety of sports. For instance, they’ll bet on NFL games one day and Basketball Games the next. This is a rookie mistake, when you’re starting out, you want to focus on one sport alone, until you can reliably predict winners.

2. Read Between the Lines

Second, you want to make sure you’re not playing a whole bunch of different lines. Stick to betting on spreads, money lines, or over/unders. Stop yourself from betting on parlays or teasers. This is because parlays and teasers don’t have true payouts and the odds will simply stack up against you. When you’re starting out, and choosing your own picks, we recommend sticking with spread betting.

3. Look For the Most Value

You want to narrow your focus down to the most valuable lines. You should develop a system for coming up with your own lines. This way, you’ll have your own lines to compare with that of the bookies or sports book. Then when you see a line at the sports book that’s way off, you’ll know that it has the most value. Also, don’t place a bet simply because your favorite sports team is playing.

4. Make One Pick Per Day, Everyday

This is important. Limit yourself to one play a day. This way you’re only going to place a bet on the match up that shows the most value to you. Find one game that really stands out and place your bet. If you do this everyday, you’re eventually going to learn how to pick winners.

5. Look at the Stats

This ties in with secret #3. Before you decide to place a bet, make sure you look at the recent statistics. Don’t be fooled into looking at statistics from over a year ago. A lot of the time you can judge how well a team is playing by their ten most recent games. Make sure you look at the injury reports as well.

If you take these five secrets into consideration you should be well under way to choosing the best sports picks. We recommend doing this while you subscribe to our picks. Eventually you might even be able to come work for us as an expert handicapper.

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Why You Should NEVER Watch Games You Bet On!

January 25, 2009 by Mike  
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A couple years ago, when Zen was giving me the details of the Zen Money Method for the very first time, he taught me an important lesson. I had been following the system for a couple weeks, I was really getting the hang of it  and everything seemed to be going smoothly – there was only one problem…

I was getting too involved with the games I had live bets on and, as a result, it was consuming me.

Even though I was winning consistently and following the method, I wasn’t following the first principle we have with the method – LETTING GO and DETACHING YOURSELF FROM THE OUTCOME. When Zen found out that I had been religiously following all the games I was betting on, he gave me a lesson I’ll never forget. Zen told me that the only way to truly allow abundance into your life and make money easily is to let go of your desire for wealth and trust that the Universe will provide it  for you in time. He said that I shouldn’t watch the games I’m betting on because I am a “Zen Money Millionaire” not a “Sports Enthusiast”. He then informed me to continue with the method but not watch any of the games I was betting on and, instead, take the time to relax, lay back and enjoy my life – doing anything that brings me joy.

I spent the next 6 days shifting my focus from watching every minute of every game to taking it easy and relaxing on the couch.  I went for walks in the park, I ate ice cream, I watched movies, I went on a couple dates and I finally got around to doing some spring cleaning. The funny part about it was that even though I had live bets going, I wasn’t in the same mind state as before. I wasn’t stressed out anymore, I wasn’t constantly wondering what the score was, I wasn’t thinking all the time.  I was truly at peace and it got to a point where it really didn’t matter what happened in the game  – I honestly didn’t care.

I was just about to go grab a nice heaping cup of hot chocolate at the Starbucks down the street when Zen gave me a call out of the blue. He let me know that we just won the latest bet (see Zen Money HandBook for a more in-depth understanding of what this means) and that I just made $400. I was sitting there appreciating the good news and that’s when it hit me – I had let go this whole time, I wasn’t striving and trying hard to do anything, instead I just let go and waited for the money to find me. This is the way life should be – Minimal Effort, Maximum Results and Constant Enjoyment – and that’s exactly what the Zen Money Method has given me.

Since this huge breakthrough for me, I haven’t been watching any of the games I bet on. Now I just check my e-mail or the forum for the latest Zen Money picks, set up my bets and then go on doing whatever it is that I please. It usually surprises me when I log in to my account and see a huge pile of winnings just waiting there for me but I’m getting used to it. You can too, just let Zen know that you’d like to be a member by e-mailing him at zenmoneyadmin@gmail.com or Sign Up here.

Peace, Love and Prosperity,


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