Why You Should NEVER Watch Games You Bet On!

January 25, 2009 by Mike  
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A couple years ago, when Zen was giving me the details of the Zen Money Method for the very first time, he taught me an important lesson. I had been following the system for a couple weeks, I was really getting the hang of it  and everything seemed to be going smoothly – there was only one problem…

I was getting too involved with the games I had live bets on and, as a result, it was consuming me.

Even though I was winning consistently and following the method, I wasn’t following the first principle we have with the method – LETTING GO and DETACHING YOURSELF FROM THE OUTCOME. When Zen found out that I had been religiously following all the games I was betting on, he gave me a lesson I’ll never forget. Zen told me that the only way to truly allow abundance into your life and make money easily is to let go of your desire for wealth and trust that the Universe will provide it  for you in time. He said that I shouldn’t watch the games I’m betting on because I am a “Zen Money Millionaire” not a “Sports Enthusiast”. He then informed me to continue with the method but not watch any of the games I was betting on and, instead, take the time to relax, lay back and enjoy my life – doing anything that brings me joy.

I spent the next 6 days shifting my focus from watching every minute of every game to taking it easy and relaxing on the couch.  I went for walks in the park, I ate ice cream, I watched movies, I went on a couple dates and I finally got around to doing some spring cleaning. The funny part about it was that even though I had live bets going, I wasn’t in the same mind state as before. I wasn’t stressed out anymore, I wasn’t constantly wondering what the score was, I wasn’t thinking all the time.  I was truly at peace and it got to a point where it really didn’t matter what happened in the game  – I honestly didn’t care.

I was just about to go grab a nice heaping cup of hot chocolate at the Starbucks down the street when Zen gave me a call out of the blue. He let me know that we just won the latest bet (see Zen Money HandBook for a more in-depth understanding of what this means) and that I just made $400. I was sitting there appreciating the good news and that’s when it hit me – I had let go this whole time, I wasn’t striving and trying hard to do anything, instead I just let go and waited for the money to find me. This is the way life should be – Minimal Effort, Maximum Results and Constant Enjoyment – and that’s exactly what the Zen Money Method has given me.

Since this huge breakthrough for me, I haven’t been watching any of the games I bet on. Now I just check my e-mail or the forum for the latest Zen Money picks, set up my bets and then go on doing whatever it is that I please. It usually surprises me when I log in to my account and see a huge pile of winnings just waiting there for me but I’m getting used to it. You can too, just let Zen know that you’d like to be a member by e-mailing him at zenmoneyadmin@gmail.com or Sign Up here.

Peace, Love and Prosperity,


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Zen Quotes

January 20, 2009 by Mike  
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Lotus Flower

1.  Zen does not confuse spirituality with thinking about God while one is peeling potatoes. Zen spirituality is just to peel the potatoes.
Alan Watts

2.  Spirited, restive flea, become a Buddha by my hand!

3.  No thought, no reflection, no analysis, no cultivation, no intention; let it settle itself.

4.  When you pass through, no one can pin you down, no one can call you back.

5.  You cannot describe it or draw it. You cannot praise it enough or perceive it. No place can be found in which to put the Original Face; it will not disappear even when the universe is destroyed.

6.  In studying the way, realizing it is hard; once you have realized it, preserving it is hard. When you can preserve it, putting it into practice is hard.
Zen Saying

7.  The ultimate Path is without difficulty. Just avoid picking and choosing.

8.  One day a student asked Taiga, “What is the most difficult part of painting?” Taiga answered, “The part of the paper where nothing is painted is the most difficult.”
Painting Zen

9.  Let go over a cliff, die completely, and then come back to life — after that you cannot be deceived.
Zen Saying

10.  An American seeker: “If you follow any way, you will never get there; and if you do not follow any way, you will never get there. So one faces a dilemma.”

11.  Hisamatsu: “Let that dilemma be your way.”
Contemporary Mondo

12.  The mind that does not understand is the Buddha. There is no other.

13.  There are no mundane things outside of Buddhism, and there is no Buddhism outside of mundane things.

14.  Learning Zen is a phenomenon of gold and dung. Before you understand it, it’s like gold; after you understand it, it’s like dung.
Zen Saying

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Welcome to Zen-Money.net

January 20, 2009 by Mike  
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This site is the premier site for access to the latest sports betting picks and information on how to use ancient Zen philosophy to maximize your earnings and give you peace of mind.

This is more than just gambling, this is a system that allows you to sit back and watch the money come in, a system that gives you both freedom and security with your investment.

Why did we start this site?

We’ve been full-time professional gamblers for over 10 years and recently we realized the importance of giving back and helping those who need it. Our journey into the worlds of Zen, buddhist philosophy and meditation have allowed us to develop a unique approach to professional sports betting that makes us over $200,000 per year. Now, we want to share our Zen-Money system and picks with you so that you can also make 100% returns in a month and a half.

Who are you?

You are someone who is sick and tired of get-rich quick schemes, magic pills, and false promises. You are someone who wants to make money and is willing to put in a little time and effort every day.

If you don’t have the discipline to stick to a regimented system and watch money come in day after day, this system is NOT FOR YOU.

If you flinch every time you have a temporary loss, this system is NOT FOR YOU.

If you aren’t prepared to WIN BIG and get rid of your negative beliefs about money, this system is NOT FOR YOU.

However, if you’re ready to follow a system that will make you money (most of our members make $1000/month on average) and if you’re ready to live your life to the fullest and open your mind to new possibilities, then the Zen-Money System can and will help you achieve this.

Sign up Now!

Click “Subscribe” and pay to start receiving the monthly Zen-Money Picks and our Zen-Money Handbook.

Zen Money Picks – Free 14 Day Trial

Any questions? Feel free to e-mail our team at zenmoneyadmin@gmail.com.

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Sign Up Now!

January 20, 2009 by Mike  
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Step 1: We recently tried a sports betting system called the Sports Money Profit System and it’s absolutely killing it! If you haven’t signed up already, the first step you can take is visiting the site by Clicking Here

Step 2: Once you’re on the Sports Money Profit System, follow the picks they play and start profiting!

Sports Money Profit System


Disclaimer: Though we offer a system that beats the odds more often than not – it is NOT foolproof and hence comes with a degree of risk. For all of you out there who cannot afford to take risk, or simply cannot stand the excitement, our services are most likely not suited for you.

We offer what we feel is a mild risk with a huge substantial upside in our sports picks.

However be warned, though you can make over 1,000% returns in a very short period of time it does carry a degree of risk and should be carefully pondered before investing any money in our system.

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Our Method

January 20, 2009 by Mike  
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Greetings Future Zen Money Millionaire

Before we lay out the way it works, we’d like to make sure that this is something you would like to do. It’s definitely not for everyone. The system that we’re using involves sports-betting. We’re each currently making approximately $126,000 per year. This money is completely tax free if you reside in certain countries like Canada and the United Kingdom.

When we started, in order to meet our first goal of $2083 per month or ($25,000 per year), we initially had the risk of losing $5000 (in the worst case scenario). Thus, the amount of money you’re willing to risk directly reflects the amount of money you can make per month. This is not to say that we had $5000 placed on one bet… just that the total amount that we were willing to lose was $5000  (and if this happened we’d walk away). Fortunately, we discovered a system that allowed us to make $5000 in our first six weeks and we went on to make a whopping $43,000 that first year, $18,000 more than we expected .

Over 100% Tax free profits in six weeks is pretty amazing, try making that in the stock market (in fact, in the past we’ve actually lost money in the stock market).  However, if you’re interested in this, we would advise only risking an amount you can afford to lose. This means, you definitely should not risk money you’re going to need for rent, mortgage payments, food, or anything of that nature. If $50 is all you can risk then only use $50.

Please note that we’ve recently made changes to our system in order to minimize some of the risk.  Because of this, it is likely that you will not make 100% profit in six weeks, instead, you will make approximately 92% profit in six weeks with the need for a much smaller initial bankroll.

Once you sign up for our Zen-Money Picks and the Zen-Money Handbook, you’ll have access to our Zen-Money System (beginner’s please start at level 1). After you’ve been a member for over one month and you’ve made substantial profits, then we’ll provide you with our more advanced Zen-Money System.  You have the power to make obscene amounts of money with the Zen-Money System, and since we charge such a low fee all we ask is that you help others with the profits you make (for example  donate a portion of your winnings to a charity of your choice).

If you have any problems with gambling (whether moral or otherwise), it’s best if you walk away from this opportunity. Also, if you feel you do not have the discipline to stick to a system do not bother with this. Otherwise if you’re still interested in the Zen-Money System and the Zen-Money Picks, please click the sign up now button.  Feel free to ask any and all questions; our email address is zenmoneyadmin@gmail.com

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Frequently Asked Questions

January 20, 2009 by Zen  
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1. I’ve paid for the system but I haven’t received the Zen-Money Handbook or the Zen-Money picks yet. What do I do?

Answer: If you have already Subscribed to the system but haven’t received anything, please e-mail us right away at zenmoneyadmin@gmail.com and we will send you a copy of the Zen-Money Handbook and the password to the Private Lounge in the forum where you can access the latest Zen-Money Picks. By default, all eBooks and passwords for the forum will be sent to the Paypal e-mail that you entered when paying.

2. Isn’t this system just another example of the Martingale system at work?

Answer: Yes this system does incorporate the Martingale system. However, it is refined to withstand greater losing streaks, and provides you with a way to make a monthly salary from sports-betting.

3. The Martingale system is an impossible system to use as it guarantees losing the bankroll over a long period of time. This is a mathematical certainty unless you have an infinite bankroll. Isn’t this the same with the system you’re using?

Answer: Over the long run (meaning years, sometimes you can use this for as long as 8 years or more) yes you may at some point lose your bankroll. However, after six weeks you will have doubled your bankroll and if you’re smart, you’ll have withdrawn the initial money you invested (this is a conservative estimate of when you’ll double your bankroll, it might take much less time). You will then be playing only with your winnings. Each month we withdraw $10,300 TAX FREE DOLLARS and only keep $18,000 from the first month in our accounts. This means we’re making approximately $126,000 per year in tax free profits. Therefore, when the time comes that we face a long losing streak and lose our entire bankroll we will have already made hundreds of thousands of  dollars. We could very well continue winning for years before we lose our bankroll, so if this time comes we’ll have made OVER $200,000. Losing $18,000 at this point won’t matter. Please note that on average beginning clients make roughly $20,000 per year.

4. I heard that less than 10% of gamblers come out on top in the long run, is this true?

Answer: We’re not here to convince you that gambling is the get rich quick fix for everyone. This isn’t the case at all. It’s true that most people will lose money sports-betting, but this is because they lack the discipline, knowledge and experience that a veteran sports-bettor has. More often than not most sports-bettors bet on games to make the sport more enjoyable…not to win money. In order to make money you have to be betting to make money. This means sticking to a money management system and NOT betting on your gut feelings. With our help you will have a much greater chance of making money.

5. With your help am I guaranteed to make money?

Answer: No, like most things in life there is no guarantee. We can tell you that you’ll be much more likely to make money with our Zen-Money System than with other endeavors, but we cannot make guarantees. Any form of gambling involves risk. In fact, anything worthwhile in life involves taking a risk (whether it’s playing the stock market or starting up your own business). If you want to make money, taking risks is something you’re going to have to do. If not, do not bother with this system.

6. Will you send the bets I have to place at a certain time everyday?

Answer: No, we may not place a bet everyday. It is important to play only games you are confident with. We do not place bets at a certain time. This means you could receive an email with a new bet at any time of the day. We recommend checking the Private Lounge as well as your email periodically, but not so much that it detracts you from the more important things in life.

7. Why are you giving this all away for a small fee when other people charge large sums of money for losing picks?

Answer: Because we don’t believe its right to sell knowledge at outrageous prices, when you can give it away for very little. By no means should you get the idea that we’re good Samaritans (although we like to think we are). We’re also doing this to line our pockets with more money on top of the money we’re already making from gambling. We also feel that people should be paid for the effort they put into choosing winning sports-picks. By all means, if you find yourself making quite a bit of money from this, feel free to send us some extra money. Before you do this though, make sure you give some of your profits to charity.

8. Will I turn into a degenerate gambler?

Answer: Only you can answer that question. If you feel that you’re becoming addicted to the thrill of gambling, close your account and never gamble again. Gambling should not be seen as a form of entertainment, but as a way to make money. If you’re not making money stop gambling. People sell you bullshit that claims you should only gamble for fun. Absolute bullshit… You start a business to make money. The same goes for sports-betting.

Alright, that’s it for this guide. If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.


Zen Money Team

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